"I cannot imagine going to any other studio or gym! The instructors, under Carianne's leadership, are the very BEST! I love all of the classes and have so much more strength and balance and flexibility. PS. My husband loves the Cross-Core classes too!"

-Holly Lee

"My life has been altered since joining Core Concepts in a great way. The instructors and other members are so welcoming that even at an early morning rise, I feel like family is embracing me and making me feel so special. I am always encouraged to do my best and inspired to do even better. Core Concepts studio offers a variety of classes and times. It is very hard not to find something that doesn't work best with my personal schedule. Also, the variety of classes makes it always so interesting and exciting. Each instructor brings their own personal style to a session and I learn so much with each and every class. I feel committed to the studio because I honestly believe that the instructors care about my well-being. Since becoming a member, I feel stronger, healthier, more toned and taller!"


"I love everything about Core Concepts! It's not only a place to get healthy, I feel that I'm with extended family. Both instructors and clientele are amazingly pleasant! Any class I attend by all instructors, both challenge and make me feel stronger! The knowledgeable instructors are always adamant about fitness, but most importantly utilizing proper form to achieve our goals. Thank you Core Concepts for my immeasurable obsession with pilates"

-Julie Salazar

"After experiencing a painful back spasm, I chose Pilates over Physical Therapy to get rid of my chronic back pain. Leslie has been a miracle worker! In just a few weeks, my back already feels so much better and stronger. All the instructors at Core Concepts are professional, knowledgeable and wonderful"

-Susan Tinsley

Core Concepts prides itself on training clients with integrity, focusing on a commitment to each and every client's individual health and fitness goals. We provide an encouraging atmosphere, honoring each client as if the only person in the studio. We create an inspiring culture for the Mind, Body, and Spirit!

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